Côte’s taste of Paris in Newcastle

 French inspired dining , Côte Brasserie in  Grainger Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne


Hello my gazelle’s I hope you’re all doing well,

You don’t know how excited I am to share with you what I call a breakfast heaven!
I can now officially say that I have found the perfect place for the perfect delicious breakfast.
While I was out in the morning running errands with mama, I looked at her and came out with the best idea ever and said ‘ Mama can I take you to have a  breakfast at Côte ? She obviously couldn’t say no hehe.

We made our way to Côte and  from the moment we entered the place we’ve received the best service ever, I was happy and mama was smiling.

W’ve been asked where we would like to sit and picked a nice table near the window. By the time we decided what we wanted to eat, Adam came and took our orders.



What’s on the breakfast menu?

They had so many options from pastries, to salmon, avocados, to French toast and cooked breakfasts like sausages and beans, pretty much anything that your heart and mouth desires.

I asked him if they made almond milk cappuccino and he replied saying they only had soy milk so I asked for a juice.

Mama got salmon and poached egg with some brown toast and camomile tea، and I ended up ordering French toast, and a glass of fresh orange juice.


 Star of Côte:

I can’t describe how artistic and kind Adam was, from the moment he came to take our order, me and him started chatting and we got a long pretty well, he made such effort to surprise me with a cappuccino beside that he left the place to go buy almond milk. Love him !

Oh yeah he brought the cappuccino and he was like : it’s on us !



I really enjoyed the whole experience, food was very tasty, cappuccino was perfect and I can tell that it has been made with love, the juice was absolutely delicious. The French toast was nice and crunchy from the outside and very fluffy and soft from the inside.       I also asked mama about her opinion and she said that I’ve picked the right place

( believe me it’s kind of hard for me to take mama for food, she tarveled to more than 25 countries and visited the best hotels and food places, seeing her pleased with the food is such a big achievement)

I even gave my dad a call to come a along with my little sister and come to join us. They ended up coming and they enjoyed their breakfast too.

To me everything was great, and the location itself couldn’t be more central and perfect, and both of the atmosphere and decor were stunning.

Will I go back ?

I will definitely go back again to try their cooked food for lunch/dinner, but so far am very satisfied for what I had as a first experience at Côte. to be fair I can keep going and going on how much I loved and enjoyed everything.


Extra info :

The restaurant is considered big , and they have an upstairs space.

You can be picky with food and ask to swap pork with beef, and the staff are more than happy to make changes to your meal like removing bacon. So if you eat Halal, you can definitely visit Côte. I’m just trying to say that they will spoil you and it’s worth every penny.

visit Côte’s website 

Address : 120-122 Grainger Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 5AF

Metro station: Monument

Bus: 30, 1

Enjoy Gazelles,


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