Hello my gazelles, thank you for visiting this page. I won’t take much time, so I will make it quick and easy for you. If you love fashion, coffee and food like I do then this blog is the perfect place for you.

Eslam Gazelle is a blog that’s all about fashion and style and a lot of food reviews, best places to have a good cup of coffee and some trips here and there.

That is what a LifeStyle blog is all about, right?

who’s Eslam Gazelle?

A little about me: My name is Eslam GhaZala. my last name means Gazelle. Fun fact, Ghazala is used to describe beauty, not that I think am pretty haha.

Anyway, am obsessed with Leopards and coffee, I love chocolate and adore swimming…. One last thing I am currently a University student doing a degree in fashion communication.