Sou talks, body shaming, psychology, ​and art


“…I’m not fussed about living them extra three years if am 80 something I will probably be sick and bored of life anyway”

The 19 years old young lady who is currently studying Psychology and Business considers herself as an octopus because of the lifestyle she’s trying to keep up with. Her life as an international student with many responsibilities and obstacles seems to be an attraction to all around her.


It’s 8:30 in the morning, sitting in a cozy local cafe waiting for Souad to have a warm drink in the freezing cold weather but it turned out that she dislikes coffee and prefers having pizza!


Souad you said that your name means happiness, What is happiness to you?
Please call me Sou, and I believe happiness is being stable and being at peace with yourself and where you are in life.

What are your main hobbies and interests? I would say I’m highly interested in arts, and I am having an increased interest in being a humanitarian, and giving knowledge to the world and I must say not forgetting about myself.

What are your thoughts on social media and influencers? I believe it’s based on the way that people use it, some people waste their time while others make a career out of it especially seeing women from all different races, religions and body sizes getting out there and having the opportunity to have some power to reach a wide audience. I think that it’s ideally one of the world’s greatest inventions.

Back to your artwork how would you describe the style of it? Rather than one style because I rather experimenting with different styles, I have one theme which is feelings, I believe feelings are very difficult to describe since they’re such an abstract thing and they varied.

Do you think that your Artwork represents your feelings or someone else’s feelings? It can be both, and I remember back in high school I used art to describe my friend’s struggle in life, and how problems were affecting them.

Do you look ahead to the future? What do you want to achieve? No, I don’t, and I try to avoid looking ahead to the future unless it was a short-term like planning my weekend. I believe thinking about the future might bring you down and you will end up not focusing on the present which will lead to producing low quality work whether it’s education, art or even taking care of yourself. So I say worry about the future when you’re there.

Besides being a psychology and business student you have recently started working with your fashion blogger friend in management? How does that relate to your interests? As a starting point, it was more or less just giving advises to a friend but I thought oh why don’t I start doing it in a professional manner especially that my friend’s work was growing bigger. It’s a great way to work on my weaknesses and gain more knowledge.

I have looked through your Instagram and I love it, What are your thoughts on body shaming on social media? And how would you comfort younger girls and women? Body shaming is a problem and should get more awareness, to help empower women. I would say be who you are and it’s okay to want something while working on it from a healthy aspect. Don’t believe everything you see, believe me, even the people you think they’re perfect looking on their Instagram photos, when you speak to them you’ll find out that they are still insecure about their bodies
“ It’s okay with me to lose 3 years of my life due to eating the food I like and enjoying it am not fussed about living them extra three years if am 80 something I will probably be sick and bored of life anyway”



Credits (Interview/Photography/editing)

Eslam Gazelle